Don’t Anger Honey Badger!!

No, Im not angry over rich kid$ …… well, ok, yeah, as much as we all are pissed off over kids with Trump-like $$$$ ,  or worse yet,  that piddlin’ saudi kinda money…..  but while we’re on the subject,  let’s chat about the Trump spawn.  Now, I like The Donald.  But let’s not get into politics right now.   We all know, cuz we always see it, how the rich kids are always decked out in the best of the best kind of clothes.   Well sure I guess they HAVE to live up to the family creed of never looking like an ordinary person;  you know, wearing —– GASP,  jeans.  That lowly working man’s fabric!!   Or even worse —- SWEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!      I think “those” parents would rather have their own offspring kidnapped then ever be seen in public in the lowly working peoples’ clothing.  

Case in point:  ok, aside from The Donald (TD) starting to look a little orange lately,  he’s always looked good in his “business” suits.  I’m assuming they all carry his TRUMP brand or labels from 5th Ave., but he looks like a working businessman.   And while everyone makes fun of his hair,  aside from needing a spritz of hairspray on windy days,  he could use a bit of a constant trim and style.   So aside from climbing out of limos and owning building with his name on them in ten-plus foot tall letters,  he looks human.

Now his daughter, dresses like women with money do,  always classy and elegant — yeah we could all look like that IF we had that tall thin bodies, plus the money .  But we’re here today to discuss his sons.    This broodmare, Melania, while I can say I do not know the woman personally, or much about her except she was a model who latched onto a wealthy man, as they usually do,  needs to take some lessons in personality.  I find it hard to believe that as a Trump-by-marriage,  she looks so uptight all the time in public.  Im not sure if she’s still following her model-days diet of living on lettuce and one  cracker a day, but the girl looks angry all the time.  Is she just hungry???  It must be hard trying to keep that boney body look.  Or has she had her face tightened once too often so her eyes always appear as slits staring at everything.  Has she ever smiled more than that occasional turn of lip on a tv interview??   Oh the work the wealthy have to do to keep up the public persona of wealth,  all for us lowly peons.  She might be a very nice woman you could have a conversation with, but her outward appearance scares the shit outta me!   I would say she needs a good enema to loosen her tight ass, but doubt she eats enough to get her as bound up as she looks!! 

So…….. then we have TD’s older sons,  Erik and Don, Jr.    At least they smile on occasion but they always have that haughty air about them, oh yes, that of the wealthy looking down upon us.  I’m not saying that’s what they’re doing but that is the look on their faces!     I didn’t realize until these two came out more and more in the public eye over the years (tv that is) that with the inheritance of the Trump name, came the seemingly endless supply of hair oil !   REALLY BOYS????    Who the hell told you that it was a never ending fashion trend to have hair so long that it needs a full cup of oil to keep it slicked back?????    Now, I’m sure the Trump boys are nice fellas,  but I cannot even imagine their wives wanting to procreate with them unless they scrub those heads with some Dawn before jumping into bed !!     With a large bank account, I am sure you boys can afford a good stylist —- PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!!!!!!!  Get thee to a salon!!    (And I wont even discuss the fact these two motherfuckers enjoy big game hunting and posing for photos of water buffalo and leopards they’ve killed!)

Now, lastly,  the smallest of the Trumpets:  Barron.  Poor little Barron.  It wasn’t enough that with the pedigree of a foreign-born model mother and wealthy father, while wanting for nothing in his childhood, they saddle him with the name of Barron ??  Poor little fella has no clue what a target that makes him.  Why not just name him Prince or King??    Even with that extra “R” in his name,  he will have to go through life as a target of ridicule by people who think as it is, with the last name of Trump alone is a burden that may not always be good; with people expecting the best from you 24/7, but now they have given this kid a title of sorts — Barron!   It makes him sound like real royalty and even though this child will never set foot inside a regular grade school,  he would no doubt be the target of bullying and go home everyday beat up with his lunch money stolen and wedgies.      

This past week, a photo was shown on tv on one of the celebrity shows of TD and Melania and Barron.  The kid is eight or ten now (?),  he was dressed in long short khakis and button down shirt.  The commentator was saying that Melania says this kid does not wear sweats, he prefers dress clothes……….OH SWEET BABY JESUS!!!! WHAT kid that age is going to be saying,  “No mother, I don’t want that on my body?  I prefer to dress like a stuck up little asshole.”    Really??    How about he’s never had tee shirts and jeans or sweats in his closets since being in diapers???  You know it aint so!  I can just see the family sitting around their penthouse in the evening with little Barron playing Xbox in his Dockers and penny loafers.   When he gets sent off to college, we know he won’t be playing any sports because that involves :  possibly getting dirty, sweating, and yes, wearing sweats.   

Come on, Trumps and Trumpets;  I’m sure the City has stores that carry designer sweats with team names down the side so you won’t look so low-class like us ????   I’m calling my peeps to arms, let’s all send poor little rich Barron a sweatshirt or sweat pants this year to let him know how real people live!   🙂    







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Patience, patience,  the site be bouncing me around , trying to change the type away from the “cursive”! Maybe tomorrow since it wont let me open the options.  Yeah,  they said this would be fun! 

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Don’tcha just know!!

bet ur sweet ass

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the start of Daily Crap

5/5/16 – daily crap

Day 1 of blog — quick, think of something quirky and sassy to say!!    Well at 10 pm, after 3 hours off and on trying for get this up and going and not being able to post a photo of a bridge — just wow.  stressed me out just a little, haha.   I hit BK this afternoon with that precious coupon: buy 1 Whopper,  get 1 FREE!!!    An accomplishment for the day — food valued at $4.80 (tax included!)  FREE FREE FREE!   now to cut off a piece for a very late dinner.

Last night a neighbor and friend, Annie popped over , bringing Season 1 of Game of Thrones.  I had no idea that Season 6 had just started on HBO.  Thank gawd she was sitting here with me thru the first 3 episodes,  without her to explain in episode 1 …. who was who and related to WHO,  and how many families and kingdoms there were …… well this reminded me WHY I didnt watch after the first airing,  I was so frigging confused I thought I either had a stroke or it was just a really baaaaad show!

 Well, in between doing the daily house chores of sweeping and dishes and taking care of the dawgs, running out on errands, etc,  AND finding time to watch a redbox movie — hard to believe I wasnt sitting here for 24 hrs.,  now into Season 2 and episode 2 finished.  Done for tonight so I can wind down from the swordplay and blood flying…….  sleep tight!  🙂

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