I’m Baaaack

January 13, 2023 ~~ Yeah, well Friday the 13th was NOT the day I expected to finally get back to WordPress, to get back to blogging, venting, trying to survive life. As a writer, yep. Have always considered myself a writer since I was about 8 or so. A few years ago when I discovered WP I thought this would be my salvation to write, throw out ideas and vent, etc. Because life is not all about joy, especially when you have so many people in your life that just suck the soul out of you ! Do you ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in at people who can relax and enjoy life and their friends and family? And here you are just battling every goddamn day to have a bit of peace of quiet and that thing called normalcy??

The main reason I have finally come back here — I am in the process of starting a You Tube channel. Actually kicking myself for not having done that two years ago ! In order to even have the ability to become monetized over there, 1,000 followers is a requirement. Possibly could’ve had that by now . LOL. But these people, the leeches……. in my life, in my house . I am hanging on by a thread at this point.

I’ve long had people tell me I need to write a book about my life . The experiences, good and BAD! I’ve long been …….. desperate to write, stories . I guess it can be said of writers that we have a Soul that longs to be heard. Whether thru characters of fiction or releasing the demons we keep inside .

Just before the plandemic, yep, let’s just call it that — I changed up my lifestyle a little, and the gates opened and the creativity poured out. (This will be another post soon ). But again, the soul suckers interrupted me over and over .

So back to my return, I figured before I start my You Tube channel , I would need to make tons of notes , and along with that to keep on track of a subject, write notes etc. So figured, make a 1000% effort to WRITE ! Then use each blog post as the subject . Killing two birds with one whack ?? 🙂 I am aiming to blog everyday, but we all know how plans go. So let’s say 2-3 times a week . Along with the house chores, etc. I come back to WP not only forgetting what tabs and buttons to use to even do one blog, now there have been so many changes, I have to make time to learn everything all over again. It is frustrating when you just want to talk or write .

……….. I have tales to tell, MANY tales to tell .

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former fbi, writer, breed show dogs, I have a very busy life of go go go. Yet also have many days of spinning in circles and getting nothing done. I call those my down days of relaxing. I travel a lot in motorhome on business and with dogs.

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