Lost Time …..

Finally came back here after …… a full year ??!!   As the old saying goes, Shit Happens,  and when it does, it hits big.   Find out my renewal evidently didnt go thru — because,  as one of those shit topics was,  the account I used for this was hijacked, so debit card changed.   and being laid up after being away so long, wasnt checking the right email, etc.    
In the “way back” when Trump tossed his hat into the POTUS arena,  being former gov’t employee, I was contacted to do some work on the side with background checks, etc with the public.  (enuf said on that!) .   When he won the nomination and Dems & Liberals lost their shit,  spurred on by payouts from Soros,  along with other paid movements, I was invited to continue other work .   So sure,  easy enough for the $$, and I am good at what I do, ended up on the road and put writing and artwork on the side.  But hey,  can now buy another piece of property.  
 I met Trump many years ago through a friend who knew one of his sons.   Really liked him back then too.   Probably the nicest wealthy person I have known,  who truly does more for normal people down on their luck than the public will ever know!!    Despite what msm puts out and feeds the sheeple public, he is one smart cookie!    He honestly chose to run to help America.  And not being a puppet for secret organizations who have run the country for…… ever,  he was is not obligated to anyone.   He calls it like he sees it, and should be obvious by now,  will not hold back his opinion.   Sure it blows the dirty, paid media and other politicians outta their sox, but it is refreshing to those who fought the battle to get him elected and proudly call themselves Patriots……. but that’s another blog!  🙂    
As I was gearing up , or rather down, to get back to my life, and home front and dogs, etc,  an incident happened where I was quite literally blindsided and attacked by said crazed Liberal who overheard a private conversation between 2 people in public. THAT’S what they do, then loose their shit when others say being a liberal is the new mental illness, gee, I don’t know why, lol.  I was actually a day or two from heading home and made the mistake of letting my guard down and didn’t have time to defend myself…….. hospital, surgery,  long recovery time.  Then finally back home for more recovery but thrilled to be with my 4 footers, and the awesome housemate who tends to everything from maintenance to animals, etc while doing his job from home.  So, as I try to pace myself to get back to writing on projects (it was impossible while being medicated for a while) , planning a few new litters of puppies that have been long awaited, etc. I will try my best to tell the tales of intrigue…….. be safe out there. 


Published by Honey Badger on a Bridge

former fbi, writer, breed show dogs, I have a very busy life of go go go. Yet also have many days of spinning in circles and getting nothing done. I call those my down days of relaxing. I travel a lot in motorhome on business and with dogs.

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