**sigh** traveling…….

hows ur dieting going  fuck u

…….  I mostly juice, eat a lot of veggies and occasional fruits.   maybe once a week will have meat — IF I’m craving it.   Problem with traveling by plane,  cannot take my juicer which #1 is expensive but #2 weighs a ton.  Its one of those low wattage masticating juicers.  #3- nor is it easy to take prepared juices thru security.  That is a double edge sword anyway, cuz fresh juices are best.  Last night my hotel recommended a restaurant so off I trekked.  Most of the veggies listed had added sauces, etc.  While I only use real buttah or coconut oil at home, it’s hard eating out!  So I asked the waitress if  I could order off the menu with veggies broiled with a baked potato on the side.  She was confused so out came the chef.   He understood right away and while it would be a wait for the very nice plate of broiled squash and sweet potato, carrot and onions (!), I was served a small 4 oz portion (my choice) of local sourced bison steak.  It was melt-in-my-mouth awesomeness!!    A small fresh salad on the side of spinach, cherry tomatos and local made goat cheese — while I do have cheese on occasion I went with his recommendation that had a very light vinegrette and IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!    The bison and salad would’ve been enough to satisfy me, but the broiled veggies pretty much served as my dessert.   I told him no processed sugar, just real honey, so those veggies were served with a small bowl of melted butter and honey I drizzled over the plate.   Thanks to the Hardware Grill for a great dinner!  Definitely on my list next time I am in the area!

Friday the 13th is traveling home with a side trip to Oregon for a few days to stop in a few quilt stores I’ve been wanting to shop in and visit with any quilters hanging out!   🙂    Then back on a plane to home.   I am lucky I can work on a plane writing, or planning, or planning to write, making notes,  making lists, and LISTS OF LISTS!   And checking emails from friends and those who I co-own dogs with to see who is winning where and when new babies are expected.   Happy 13th and safe travels!



About Honey Badger on a Bridge

former fbi, writer, showdogs, crafter -- fiber artist, painter. I have a very busy life of go go go. Yet too have many days of spinning in circles and getting nothing done. I call those my down days of relaxing. I travel a lot in motorhome on business and with dogs.
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