Curse of the Red Pen

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I remember waayyyyyyy back in the “olden days !”,  I was about 10.  One of my classes — did we have an English class at that age ??   Whichever it was,  one assignment was to write a short story,  X amount of pages, etc.    So sitting in bed one night, for privacy in a room shared with my sister four years older,  I got comfy with my pillows behind me and one as my desk with my spiral notebook.  We had a week to get the project done.  So I sat there till I got sleepy and just scribbled different things I could write about.   I remember it took a few days before an idea hit me.   Well I loved horses,  so there would be a horse.   Then instead of making a character a girl, afraid someone would think I was pretending it was me, I make it a young boy.  For some reason he was living in the woods by himself and one night while sitting by a fire alone and cooking hotdogs on a stick,  he is frightened by some odd noises in woods in the dark.  Oooooo spooky!    The horse eventually comes out to meet him,  also alone, and becomes his friend.  I cant remember all the details now, but the story just flowed from my head through my pen!    I discovered the  JOY of writing and creating!!!    I was so proud of that story and that it had an ending!

  I don’t know why,  but I asked my sister to read it to see if it was “ok” to turn in.  Well, she loved it and said it was great!    I was so excited and nervous and a few days later turned it in for grading.   Several days later, the teacher walks up and down between the desks returning everyone’s papers.   I picked up mine and see the grade of a B+.  Well, what the hell is this??     I really expected an A- at least!!   Then I see several words through the pages circled in red pen and comments.  They were all about not using a proper “preposition” or some shit!  And in a few spots,  she felt I should’ve used semicolons ( ; ) instead of commas ( , ).  Well you bitch!!!    That comment on the front page of “Good story idea!” didn’t mean shit to me once I saw the circled words and comments.  A red pen can crush hopes and dreams.  I still remember that feeling __________years later.   HAHA      

When I used to always write rough draft in notebooks,  when re-reading I would still make notes of what to add or drop or change in red so I wouldn’t forget.  Even now over the years, I tend to work more on the laptop, while it’s easier to go back while reading to add in something or remove.  But printing the pages out are usually easier — and then there comes that damn red pen again!     As writers and artists in different mediums, we do what we love.  For me, I want people to enjoy whatever I do, yet there is always that fear of a “red pen” correction, or rejection because it isn’t one person’s cup of tea.    And in reality, all artists of whatever their chosen field ,  are creating because it makes their hearts sing and souls soar !  🙂   




About Honey Badger on a Bridge

former fbi, writer, showdogs, crafter -- fiber artist, painter. I have a very busy life of go go go. Yet too have many days of spinning in circles and getting nothing done. I call those my down days of relaxing. I travel a lot in motorhome on business and with dogs.
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